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LED lighting Brisbane

Commercial LED Lighting Brisbane

What is LED lighting? Why is it special?

A light-emitting diode, LED is basically a two-lead light source that is silicon-based. It is basically a pn-junction diode that emits light when turned on. When a voltage is activated to the leads, electrons and electron holes activate in the device, releasing photons energy. The resultant effect is called electroluminescence, and the light colour emitted is based on the energy band gap in the semiconductor. This is a revolutionary lighting device that has taken the world by storm and is definitely an electrician’s favourite.

So what are the benefits of installing an LED light or lighting system in Brisbane?

► Light emitting diodes or LED requires lesser energy to power and thus saves you at least 80% electricity.

► Most electricians and electrical experts highly recommend LED lights or lighting systems in Brisbane.

► LED light contains no gases or liquids and is environment-friendly.

► They come in various hues and shades and they render a good ambience and style.

► They are lightweight, very easy to fix and are very long-lasting.

► LED lighting does not flicker and are very good for outdoor use.

► They offer much brighter lighting than light bulbs thus offering much more visibility.

► LED lighting is much more flexible, adaptable and compliant than the regular light bulbs.

► LED lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, in vehicles, offices, homes and shops.

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