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Solar Installation


Brisbane Solar & Electrical have available a combination of packages depending on your requirements, from 1.5 Kilowatt to 50 Kilowatt.

Understanding the potency of Solar Power that helps homes and businesses in Brisbane!

Yes! You want to do to your bit for the environment and you are considering harnessing solar power to power your home in Brisbane. This way, the lighting, air conditioning and other electrical gear in your Brisbane home will run on solar power. Superb, isn’t it? What more can you ask for. The power of solar all within your reach and of course, there’s more to realize.

This guest blog will focus on the many benefits homes and businesses in and around Brisbane and of course anywhere in Continent Australia and world over can realize if they harness solar power to help light up homes and power businesses.

To help you in this endeavour is Brisbane Solar and Electrical. We are an established solar services company in Brisbane and we take care of solar panel installation and maintenance. In the event, there is a solar repair required our electricians will take care of the solar repair. And if you want your air conditioning and other appliances to run on solar power, go for it! There’s nothing like it. You can have the air conditioning and the lighting in your office and Brisbane home to run on solar power that is aided by the solar panel.

Here’s how solar power can light up your Brisbane home!

The proper channelizing of solar power via installation of solar panel and equipment has been helping light, heat and air conditioning of homes in Brisbane and around. We at Brisbane Solar and Electrical have understood how cost-effective, economical, practical and eco-friendly solar power is. And that is why we offer a range of solar services and undertake solar repair too. We help install solar panel and other solar installations in homes, so that everyone can gain from this abundant, renewable energy that is available out there.

The best environment-friendly and practical alternative to the existing electric power is of course solar power. Solar power generated via solar panel that is installed in your Brisbane home, ensures that you save a tidy sum every month. This is because the solar power used in air conditioning and lighting results in lesser energy bills than using electricity. By the end of the year, if you keep aside these savings, you will realize a good amount in savings which you can put to good use.

Here’s how solar energy powers your business

All of you are aware that we are increasingly exhausting our non-renewable sources of energy to generate electricity and this is not a good sign for the future. But, there is an established and clear alternative to fuel-powered electricity and that is the renewable, natural energy, solar power!

Many businesses and companies are learning that turning to solar power by installing solar panel and running the air conditioning on solar power is making them shift effectively from electric power to solar power. And to help in this seamless transition is the solar services company in Brisbane- Brisbane Solar and Electrical.

Installing solar panel and equipment and to run the office air conditioning and lighting on solar power is a prudent move. Yes. There is a cost involved in solar panel installation and to connect the air conditioning and other electrical equipment to use the solar power that is generated through the solar panel. But the initial costs can be covered over time and there is assured ROI for businesses that use solar power.

The government and local councils offer many incentives for those who install solar panel and run their entire power needs like lighting and air conditioning by generating solar power via solar panel. That is why it is important to engage solar services professionals to take care of the solar panel installation and any solar repairs that may occur.

Most often when you install a solar panel to help generate solar power, it will be pretty much maintenance free and is very dependable. Even if solar repair is required, when a professional solar services company like Brisbane Solar and Electrical are engaged, then it will be taken care of immediately.

Also using green energy ensures that you are doing your bit for the environment. You will be helping reducing the carbon footprint and you as a business will be a standing example for other businesses in and around Brisbane to follow suit.

To know more about solar power, or to install solar panel and air conditioning or for any type of solar services and solar repair in Brisbane, call Brisbane Solar and Electrical on 0430 376 527.

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